In any business, there’s the work (in my case design), and then there are the relationships with everyone who makes that work possible.

I can’t say that my horses have taught me a whole lot about design (they have better things to occupy their time), but when it comes to relationships I’d be a completely different person today if horses hadn’t been part of my life since I was six years old.

Imagine what it takes for a horse to gallop up to a stone wall and then, without knowing what’s on the other side, enthusiastically leap over it simply because you asked it to. There are few greater examples of trust, trust that has been earned by your being a kind reliable partner. I cultivate that trust with my clients as well. I have excellent communication skills and work diligently to exceed your expectations.

You’ll see throughout this website that I love all manner of design – but what I love just as much is the collaboration that brings design to life. Without pleasure in its creation no undertaking can reach its full potential.

Indeed, pleasure in creation inspires all of my relationships, whether with clients, colleagues, family, or with those special beings who consider the front lawn a gourmet meal.

Sally Stetson